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Text Comments (1440)
sarthak khanna (27 minutes ago)
Why does wadu and other guys do that play your own game guys 😂😂😂😂
King S (1 hour ago)
you treat Wadu so bad !!! im angry
SHADOW GHOST (5 hours ago)
krl mano,o shroud n sabe brinca
ed kn (14 hours ago)
Wadu is as famous as Shroud...he needs a Wadu T-Shirt design
ed kn (14 hours ago)
Waddu is like Dobby the slave.
spalaX (19 hours ago)
Gaming Galaxy (1 day ago)
I want to face shroud in pubg
krish DA2 (1 day ago)
5:30 song?
Aaron MacLellan (1 day ago)
How do i git gud?
jim morris (1 day ago)
srsly gun and player skins are a rip off and only dumb shts buy them and leeme explain something skins don't change anything about how a weapon performs or if a player gets a perk if they buy a skin 4 their character srsly comom skins just make things look different and they indicate that ur a dumbass pay to win and leme reinterate skins are a rip off that only people with no common sense buy
Daybid Bander Becht (1 day ago)
Why always with the derpy-ass thumbnail pic?
elDODDI (1 day ago)
j bf (1 day ago)
give it a few months and itll come out that he uses aim bots he needs to get a life shroud is such a nerd
ayyits jeff (2 days ago)
can stop by not subbing and donating
Fella Einstein (2 days ago)
Turn that nigger garbage off and get a real job dude.
4:49 You go girl!!!
James Marciano (2 days ago)
PRivate server?
Fluke (2 days ago)
ak holo or red dot better More calm
Tpecep (2 days ago)
This is so sad when he kills Wadu)) those guys make me laugh for real
accutus (2 days ago)
The Cocain Game is strong with this One
North ColdGames (2 days ago)
Dyllan Taylor (2 days ago)
6:11 is 100% me, i'm an addict
wilberth tamayo (2 days ago)
name for the song min 5:38?? plis
Viktor Jenicek (2 days ago)
hey shroud do no sight chalange pls
Theo Newton (2 days ago)
I swear that AKM in the thumbnail looks like the widowmaker gun
Aakash Manjrekar (2 days ago)
his nod while listening to Rockstar was funny af
Diogo Cervantes (3 days ago)
yeee.rd_ Fam (3 days ago)
"get outta here " - Shroud
Zeli Qian (3 days ago)
How the hell did you hear them
No life grind (3 days ago)
Dragon lore
Ko Ko Bop (3 days ago)
Try play PUBG Mobile
hon (3 days ago)
just got into pubg your pretty cool man
s m u r f a l e r t (3 days ago)
lol wadu talked
James Carlo (3 days ago)
I'm here for the thumbnail... can someone tell me where?
ARTHUR Bertelli (4 days ago)
KKkaK nice vídeo SHROUD
Ya have been playing csgo $250 should not be a lot for a skin 😂😂
124 CUTS (4 days ago)
Shroud learned how to speak?
lucian (4 days ago)
Calls P1911 a 1911. 1911 is how the same pistol is called in Unturned. *Shroud plays Unturned.*
[VnD] Metaly (4 days ago)
How to make thumbnails with Shroud: 1. Handsome face 2.non clickbait elements
Hp_zika Hưũ (4 days ago)
[Cần gì mua hay thuê PUBG làm gì cho tốn tiền] game với cấu hình tuyệt đẹp ko kém gì PUBG vs lối chơi sinh tồn game miển phí vs chất lượng tốt [ không hack ] https://www.facebook.com/hiep.caphuu
na me (4 days ago)
5:14 when you have a baby and you think it’s a girl but it’s a boy
Teedz (4 days ago)
*hits an insane shot while jumping* - comments it "i like the skin"
罗为栋 (4 days ago)
Shroud can u plz don’t mix all the other games in one video plz
sammy jero (4 days ago)
i'm so confused are these just normal pubg games? Cause how do this many trolls get in the game with him?
Kilasao (4 days ago)
Wadu hekkk
Hesusfkr (4 days ago)
How boring is your life you spend all your freetime streamsniping.
Jayzel Dieter Miguel (5 days ago)
I thought shroud was a pothead when I first saw him, am I the only one?
Ecchi Bot (5 days ago)
where’s all these trolls when Im playing lol I always run into the real players 😂
Chicken Dadddyy (5 days ago)
I like now that guy at 12:43 just casually falls out of a tree and stars walking around
simple gaming (5 days ago)
play pubg on xbox :P
Lewis Woolley (5 days ago)
Just letting anyone know because im nice. if anyone wants a new team mate try this player finder tool on http://www.fngcommunity.com
ZackTheBeardedHero (5 days ago)
How do you pick up loot so fast? I have to right click on items 5-10 times before it actually gets picked up.
makks (5 days ago)
Rieqx (5 days ago)
what is the song name shroud?
ღ巧克豪 (6 days ago)
MD M8 (6 days ago)
Why is shroud so cringe and boring. I bet he has no real friends
Lord Vivec (6 days ago)
some one needs to make a wheres wadu game, and when you find him in the pic you shoot him to go to the next one
Tinotes (6 days ago)
I unbox this skin on the pubg test server r.i.p
Ollie (6 days ago)
How does he know who they are before he kills them ?
TheRealSiburian (6 days ago)
Nooo.. Yeessss Ahhhhh...
what are friends lol (6 days ago)
S12K is underrated
Fish Ball (6 days ago)
Why wadu is everywhere ? How does he do that
BurnThePope (6 days ago)
What kind of garage ass company charges 250 for a fucking skin? I don't get why these parents will give their kids money for such stupid shit. Just like I don't get how the fuck parents are cool with their kids donating hundreds to some dude that plays games all day. Society is fucked. This chode can make as much as a cop, firefighter, or doctor in a week of work through one stream all because he's good at a game kids like. That's some dark shit.
Lightyeet (6 days ago)
Jo anyone know the steam skin?
DUNG VO (6 days ago)
Wadu hek
Void Master (7 days ago)
Wow i got a csgo akin ad
Attila Kovács (7 days ago)
te kis buzi
Shroud has echo location
PeEnOisPlaYs ROS (7 days ago)
If ur the real shroud Pin This
Паша Сысоев (7 days ago)
Wadu hek
Shouldekeatz (7 days ago)
Song name 5:26 ?
jman (7 days ago)
at 10:16 the song is [Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom] thank me later
higity (7 days ago)
WHAT SONG DID YOU WANNA PLAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
D0pE-X (7 days ago)
15:46 sounds like a song
Herr D (8 days ago)
he s in love with the coco...
I know that (8 days ago)
how can wadu appear in so many of your matches
Ferdy Wirawan (8 days ago)
#StopWaduAbuse :D
Alexander Hamilton (8 days ago)
Now we'll never know what song he wanted to play. 11:02 :(
Omg that gold camo looks sexy!
Wyatt Christie (8 days ago)
why does ur face look so weird in the thumbnail?
I learn a new thing when u driving and they camping in bridge change seats and shoot.thx shroud.
We need banana man back!
Shroud is to good at the game at beginning of vid in the big building he made like 8 pple rage XD
Wait for pubg mobile to add skins lol
letyathan (8 days ago)
Shrouds laugh reminds me of zoolander.
Waffel Viewer (8 days ago)
Damn u good
pubg is turning into csgo
Nechrosis CT (8 days ago)
Damn. NOOOOO (2secondslater) YEEEEEESSSSS
JaJaJa123 (8 days ago)
“Ouu double.... Sorry” Its just so funny when he apologizes haha
Cory Allan (8 days ago)
lmfao that dude who said listen to his buddy NF No Name sure as hell aint his buddy
Jason Barrios (8 days ago)
Has anyone ever told you your like a young jeff goldblum?
VikS (8 days ago)
Stop flexing with yor skins
Arul Zai (8 days ago)
Are you human or not ...why you so fast aiming it so fuck cool...cant you teach me
Graczowy Gracz (8 days ago)
I win expensive skins www.csgobubble.com great page
aldo (8 days ago)
there are multiple wadus
Cro Luka (8 days ago)
Shroud You Are best !!
Havalı Fişek (8 days ago)
You killed zeon at 1.5
Funkynessruless (8 days ago)
18:23 Cake did that better https://youtu.be/VMDO-r1Ug4g?t=1202
long ass chin (9 days ago)
legend has it...wadu hek is now *"twitch prime!!!"*

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