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Eight Thoughts (9 months ago)
TestTheAcid (7 months ago)
ivonavedo (7 months ago)
I respect your opinion but I like it in console it’s pretty fun
TestTheAcid (9 months ago)
LMFAO!!! Aim assist shouldn't be in multiplayer games. This game is a cloned mod for dayz repackaged for whales to pay and buy into the brainwashing battleroyal agenda thats been pushed over recent years its shite and yet everyone buys in like you all got legitimate craving to kill each other for real, a free mod from what feels like a decade ago😆👏👏👍 you guys are like the zombies they replaced
LaMigrasa Marxa (9 months ago)
berryyboy Get a refund dude.
Lyle J (9 months ago)
I’m glad Aim Assist isn’t this game, look at how it’s ruining fortnite on console. Aim assist with the shotgun is such horse shit and I get killed by these camping noobs all the time by it. Fck aim assist
Mr. SlippyFist (25 days ago)
You should review it on xbox now
Mr. SlippyFist (3 months ago)
Well its gotten a lot better but it could be better.
KC Ward (6 months ago)
The game is early access you fruit. Chill
Thatchy The Weeb (6 months ago)
One of my freinds tricked me into buying this and I'm pissed god damnit
Mydixie Wrecked (7 months ago)
Still sucks 2 months later. The newest update made a lot of crap feel a lot more laggy and crappy. And still no aim assist. And the FPS rate drops every gunfight. I still play but it pisses me the fuck off when a fucking pistol can win a gunfight against a ak-47 just because your camera gets caught in a door or because you experience controller lag and your controls don’t respond in time
Deavon Tommer (7 months ago)
this man said bless lil pump. hahaha i think he meant lil peep
Landyn Wayne (7 months ago)
Of course it's crap at the starting tit just came out for a new platform lol 😂
Weediot (7 months ago)
It's game preview 🤔 it's still in development for the Xbox platform
Matthew Wheeler (8 months ago)
Noooooo something I can't agree with that eight thoughs made : ( I have it on Xbox 1 X and it runs pretty well if you ask me, but hey I've never tried it on PC so maybe I'm just stupid.... correct me if I'm wrong, but it really isn't bad on console just take a bit of getting used to. right?
NickFoles IsGoat (8 months ago)
Mr. SlippyFist (8 months ago)
What kind of xbox
Frankthetank (8 months ago)
You need to do an update to this video dude because pubG is flying on Xbox it's not at the PC standard yet but slowly it's getting there and 73 percent of Xbox players are living it
gunzz HD (8 months ago)
Rip lil pump? You mean peep?
sup hazardusss (8 months ago)
Dude I bought it on relase date on gamestop
SadBruh (8 months ago)
He said lil pump u mean lil peep
xSAUCY (8 months ago)
did this nigga just say rip lil pump?
Kay Oh Why (8 months ago)
Did you say RIP Lil Pump? 😂😂😂
ace (8 months ago)
Why you say rest in peace Lil pump? That's fucked up you wishing death on people like that.
ace (8 months ago)
What would make you think it will be a beast on Console that's just ridiculous
H 4 Z Ұ (8 months ago)
Wtf lil pump died ? Don't think so.
iSuRGiCaL (9 months ago)
"Stay black" ain't that the truth
nicolas valverde (9 months ago)
You’re whining because there is no aim assist? Wow you are terrible, stick to PC where you can use your point and click mouse. Give it more than a week to get it together, it’s been out for a year on PC.
Weeknder (9 months ago)
Almost subscribed until I heard him say I'm not going to be racist as if it's a joke.
Jack Barber (9 months ago)
Its basically in beta(early access)right now so itll get better....smdh..
Logan Wheeler (9 months ago)
It’s in preview stfu skin head
James J (9 months ago)
Plays Pubg on PC at 100 frames then he plays Xbox at 30 frames and gets motion sickness that's y he no like
Unairmoo (9 months ago)
For someone who has played pubg more than a day on Xbox one. It’s not bad at all if you are complaining about the aim assist than you must be bad. I’m not the greatest but I will average out 5 to 10 kills in most games. Sure the buildings won’t load in when you hit the ground but that will most definitely be fixed considering it’s a game preview.
Lucious Mesch (9 months ago)
Aim assist please bitch
Rickvsnewworldorder (9 months ago)
Early access means we suck in Devs terms.
Ryzen (9 months ago)
With it being on console/controller. Aim assist should be added. If you want to enjoy the game get a pc where you can enjoy it.
DallasStarsFan 36 (9 months ago)
It’s called game preview
Billy Murray (9 months ago)
Lol if you need aim assist your trash
TheDonkeyFLOPPER (9 months ago)
well of course cod on console is better than pubg pubg on pc is better than cod on pc
Johnny Capone (9 months ago)
Aim assist is for noobs
Brian Kazmouski (9 months ago)
Wow This guy is terrible
GraveUypo (9 months ago)
pubg is shit no matter where you play. puzzles me how this crap is so popular. it's so time consuming and just not fun at all. fucking boring looting and camping RNG simulator.
376 ci (9 months ago)
Its a game preview. It was also junk for alot of people on pc when it was released. It will get better.
Dr Skittlejuice (9 months ago)
They don't need aim assist
Lokzey (9 months ago)
"Rip Lil Pump" Boi
iAmJakFi (9 months ago)
It's funny how spoiled the community is when it comes to this type of shit . When PUBG first launched on PC , the exact same shit was happening , but everyone still played it and gave it a chance to get better over time . So why the fuck can't we do the same thing for the JUST RELEASED NOT EVEN A WEEK OLD , console port ? The controls are not overwhelming at all , it's a learning curve for sure but becomes second nature once you get used to it. I literally have 13 Chicken Dinners spread through all the modes as of writing this comments Solos - 2 , Duos - 5 , Squad - 6 .. I'm play on both PC & Xbox and I'm loving both
mlock420 (9 months ago)
Lol.......you non aiming fools need aim assist? Fps games should never ever have aim assist that's the problem with you people that think are good but when aim assist is off all of you guys are fucked lol
vIMONST3RIv (9 months ago)
Fucking game preview, im sorry your fuckin bald head didnt realise that before you bought it
The Tactical Shooter (9 months ago)
You should of went there you racist. Lol
Weeknder (9 months ago)
The Tactical Shooter racism funny to you?
Melvin Peterson (9 months ago)
It’s because u suck You don’t need aim Assess
Catmandew 1 (9 months ago)
It's called a game preview for a reason
Moobs n Tubes (9 months ago)
This game is fun, regardless of the bugs. Grab your buddies and rock on!
Play it on pc instead
incipidsigninsetup (9 months ago)
You should probably ask real gamers hiw it plays rather then an admitted shill who's making another video saying the opposite of what the other video said in order to gain more hits. Go to a gaming forum or ask friends who have played it. This guys motivation$ are clear. Go play COD? Ok...
DGGT GAMES (9 months ago)
I knew it was gonna be shit
Christopher Whitt (9 months ago)
How in the hell do you even have 91k subscribers? Your viewers must hate life just as much as you
TewezeyGAMES (9 months ago)
The game & graphics is really not as bad as people are making it seem.. He gassing the hell out of it. It's far from perfect but fun as hell especially with friends 🤷🏽‍♂️
J Salas (9 months ago)
Good thinh my brain still works and can understand the meaning of "preview". Never played the game on PC. PUBG is amazing on XBOX. GTFO play COD with lil fuck tard kids. No PUBG with no aim assist and as realistic as possible is the best.
LeRomanianDude (9 months ago)
I think you got some real problems. Aim assist? That's the best part of it , get good at the game. And you are cringy.
N64Guy (9 months ago)
Jaka Kosmac (9 months ago)
Wtf, its not a great game on pc, its buggy as fuck.. who ever thought this will work great on a console is a idiot
Praying Birds (9 months ago)
the great prolapse lord (9 months ago)
If it was made by Nintendo from 1984, does that mean the game is a classic or does that mean it has bit graphics but I'm buying it for my Xbox one original and I'm going to be playing the game like it's a normal game and not for it's graphics, did you know that pubg was made for PC initially and then they ported it to a console, so that means that it's just running off of a shitty pc port until they make a huge-gig update that makes the game run-able one the Xbox one's hardware. Yo, maybe the game will run better on PS4 or maybe it will be even shittier on PS4, who knows, I just want it to be free if it's so popular like how minecraft should have been.
Dank Hill (9 months ago)
Well it’s only 5 days old as a preview so I didn’t expect much either.
Void Lite Games (9 months ago)
Obviously it doesn’t have aim assist it was for pc originally
Jäger Meister (9 months ago)
If you bought the XBOX X you are autistic
YungFLightPlug (9 months ago)
U mean lil peep lmaoo lil pump is still alive 😂😂😂😂
locodagodbx81 (9 months ago)
This dude is stupid AF. No aim assist so this dude cries!!!!
The Man Without Fear (9 months ago)
R.I.P Lil Pump
Enrique Juarez (9 months ago)
Its rip lil peep idiot. Also the game runs better when captures and broadcasting is disabled in xbox preferences.
Javier Ramirez (9 months ago)
The games still going to get fixed no?
Billy Simmons (9 months ago)
Fuck aim assist. Much better without. Just means you have to adapt. Everyone's crying over this
matrix stunts (9 months ago)
Knew youd worship ww2 sooner or later. Haha
Noah Parsons (9 months ago)
ur bad at it it takes skill
Rick Labe (9 months ago)
the pc version was like that at the start they will tweak it
Lawrence French (9 months ago)
I love it... Pretty much what I expected for early access before any updates; PUBG was 'horrible' on PC at first too
Seph F (9 months ago)
what does he say from 0:06 - 0:10??? I cant understand whats happening
chris hume (9 months ago)
i Just got Pubg and i can say wow they defo need alot of work you cant even move your aiming in a smooth motion it jumps massive lag playing on a 1080p tv and barely can make out people trying to hit them with bullets is retarded unless you have a shotty, which were very dirty kills i may add, Fortnite still kills Pubg on Xbox , And i really dont care for having to hold a button to reload that gets ya killed faster as all games is a tap of a buttom this game you have to hold it, so if not use to that game over, it just feels bad all around most that think this game is great on xbox why does it only have a 3 and half star rating
Josh Kennen (9 months ago)
At least you admitted your fuck up. I went and got PUBG asap after watching your video. It can only get better though, it could not get any worse
HighSkyz (9 months ago)
To be honest I don’t care if it’s in early access. When you start charging money for a product, we have the right to review it and criticize it in its current state. It may seem unfair but I don’t care. This isn’t a free beta or anything like that.
Hairyhaynal kayne (9 months ago)
jack black (9 months ago)
dementedspirit1 (9 months ago)
Disliked- pubg isnt a game. Its a game in game preview, the devs came out and said it is the pc build from last june. Also it just came out on preview, the pc version has had almost a year of updates..... bet you wont make another video when the xbox version has had a year of updating.... The game is too popular on xbox now, and microsoft has sent blue hole help with the xbox version people need to stop ignoring the facts when it comes to pubg in GAME PREVIEW on the xbox
Dustin Minor (9 months ago)
Lol a lot of gamers are professional critics now a days!
Frankthetank (9 months ago)
Pub g has been the most played game on Xbox since its release so I don't think it's if the game is not working great it looks as if people are playing it and enjoying it
lupehn (9 months ago)
I’ve had a good experience so idk what your talking about.
Søren Nielsen (9 months ago)
Great on pc. What the hell are you talking about. It's shit.
케빈스타일 (9 months ago)
Another stupid person who has no idea what the Game Preview means lol.
Orsumn (9 months ago)
this mf is funny asf
Nick Holloway (9 months ago)
Fortnight is shit, onley hyped cuz sad sacks lack the funds to get a real game, to many bugs with weapon damage, atleist if I throw a made at your feet in pubg, you goin down, not do a little faggot dance lime in fortcrap
GooniefrmMEX (9 months ago)
The game isn’t fully done
Nick Holloway (9 months ago)
Finally a place where fellow cunts can vent their frustration about a beta game in which they think 5gb of game actually has alot of potential to look like a five star game, run like a 5star game, funny how it runs fine on my OneS at 5mb a sec net, ppl who run they mouth about lag must really have shitty connection, second of all. I've been playing for a week and games onley crashed maybe 6 times over the space of a week,stop running your fucking mouths on a PRE released game, pay attention to that point (PRE) (RELEASE). Don't expect it to look like bf1, jeez I stop talking shit 24--7, sometimes I think you put on a show for veiws because honest isent that bad. So ppl really do try before you believe any of this nonsense, just try it out, have the ppl here aint even played on console, just hear to talk shit. Make decisions for yourselves and not numb skulls like theis.
CaL_9e802 homan (9 months ago)
You must have bad WiFi
CaL_9e802 homan (9 months ago)
The game is good
TheRightAngleGamer (9 months ago)
Never expected it to be good on console
RestlessSouI (9 months ago)
When you need aim assist
Ryan Bollinger (9 months ago)
I'm just waiting for dark souls to be remastered. IS Most amazing game
s R (9 months ago)
You really must really be bad at console games if you NEED aim assist even siege doesn’t have aim assist 😂 you’re paying for game PREVIEW, quit your complaining cry babies
SirShawtyboys (9 months ago)
Jeez you'd think a guy in his 40s would have a better hhouse than this smh
Sir Dominus Lamont (9 months ago)
the positive spin killed me. good shit.
Savage Rogue (9 months ago)
Fuck I just bought it on Xbox like 10 min ago without checking out reviews...
CORE Gaming (9 months ago)
Eight thoughts the PR master with that positive spin there. Lol.
PAppetmaster (9 months ago)
thanks baldy
RONIX_NW (9 months ago)
How the fuck can you compare pubg to cod? And complaining about aim assist? It takes practice to learn the controls and adjust the settings. Only played a few matches but it looks great on my one x and I’ve still been able to get a few kills every match. The battles are intense and I haven’t really played an multiplayer in a while where I get so heart pounding.
Broon's Bane (9 months ago)
its fine on X, it should have a 1080p switch, but still fun on x and very playable. absolutely disgraceful on the xbox1, what were they thinking?

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