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I WON!!!

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This video nearly killed me Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/
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Text Comments (54588)
Silas HowTo (1 hour ago)
Karen R (6 hours ago)
16:03 hade me woke i taught he said nigga
Pyae Kyaw (8 hours ago)
Got 1st in first attempt.
Hazem Radwan (10 hours ago)
15:08 That's what she said
Feelings (10 hours ago)
Sub chéo kênh mọi người ơi ! pubg mobile
Maciej Kyriakowoso (12 hours ago)
"This is the worst fucking game I ever fucking played" 00:06 "AAaaahahah! Best game!" 17:12 Good job pewds, thats fucking hilarious haha
기모띠앙 (12 hours ago)
Sanjeet Saini (16 hours ago)
Rez34 Gaming (18 hours ago)
Zero deaths? x'D P.s- love ya pewds
blubby (20 hours ago)
there Russian homes
Bodhisatwa Sinha (20 hours ago)
And you played again in 2018 just for promotion LoL ! *(Pubg mobile)*
WhatTheShxtTV (1 day ago)
I HATE how he fills his backpack up with smg ammo but he doesn't have one 🤦🏻‍♂️
zakaria zakir (1 day ago)
Get the hell out of here Pubg players it's time for fortnite.
TrashTuber (1 day ago)
play fortnite! It's fun!
Mini Meister (1 day ago)
please play this again pewds
Groveestreet NiBBa (1 day ago)
Christopher Guthrie (2 days ago)
Le Snip
thinh luu (2 days ago)
Độ này tiếng việt lộng hành quá 😂 Ae Việt Nam bơi vô đây :))
ahmed elomda (2 days ago)
17:13 ah yas 😂😂
The Thing (2 days ago)
marko mar k o (2 days ago)
So it was steams fault he went to the bridge..
yunusemre TV (2 days ago)
Low graphics
Meet SP (2 days ago)
hey viewers what you think about shroud, why u guys watch dis shity gameplay
Abdullah Khaled (3 days ago)
Who is watching 2019?? like if you are
Axel Ericson (3 days ago)
Pley Fortnite plis?
Axel Ericson (3 days ago)
Du är bäst ✌
I TheRealWither45 I (3 days ago)
Activen los subtitulos en español al principio xDDD
Dreamcatcher (3 days ago)
More please
رونيكس RONEX (3 days ago)
تحكي عربي
PhantzTv (3 days ago)
That day pewdiepie made a big mistake where he bought the game called pubg
리홍TV (4 days ago)
Plz Subscribe me
Почему заглавие его видео всех на российском???????????
Christopher Guthrie (2 days ago)
Артем Буйнов blyat
nori ao (4 days ago)
4:47 ドーモアリガート
Don Ismael (4 days ago)
is he playing on pc graphics en inside de plane but how not on my mobile and ipad
Rai (5 days ago)
16:01 you sneaky nibba ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fer Delgado (5 days ago)
Cecilia Rosas (5 days ago)
Fun game in Xbox one
Look behind you (5 days ago)
Mystrm Plays (5 days ago)
The hell is that lag?
Aka Red (5 days ago)
Clash with Jitul (5 days ago)
Help me to become youtube
Yasemin Sever (5 days ago)
Sonunda pewdiepie de türkçe öğrendim
tokenride04 (5 days ago)
17:23 shouldve uninstalled pewds....
SAVAGE NOOBIE (5 days ago)
does he give likes to anyone?
Maryon Sopamena (5 days ago)
gustavo arantes (5 days ago)
Cadê seu português pew
animes demais (5 days ago)
Kkkkk boa
The Noob Channel (6 days ago)
Oh man it’s been a long ass time since I’ve been here. It’s been a few years I think 🤔
Namhar Lopez (6 days ago)
It’s a bots lol
Mathew Cobb (6 days ago)
It’s the word cunt they didn’t like
*You're a moralist who won first place with a shotgun M16.*
Jeb Jeb (6 days ago)
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob pewdiepie
Jeb Jeb (6 days ago)
noob you are a noob in the pubg
Lor3x antix (7 days ago)
Forza italia forza milan viva gli italiani 😆
LuKAs 50 (7 days ago)
Fortnite better
LuKAs 50 (7 days ago)
Fortnite better
liam porter (8 days ago)
Why didnt he pick up the scar 😭😂😂
Rick (8 days ago)
like chi è italiano
Jaeda Fletcher (8 days ago)
Is this.....the bridge video
Ali _12345 (8 days ago)
If want to learn how to say fuck in every sentence you have to watch this video 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂
Good Eggs (8 days ago)
*What a fucking game* *What a fucking Island* *What a fucking opponents* *What a fucking Jokes*
Good Eggs (8 days ago)
What a fucking game What a fucking Island What a fucking opponents What a fucking Jokes
육잰이 (8 days ago)
한국인 있으신지??
IMORTAL-MIND XxX (8 days ago)
17:19 Im the best player mother Fucker
Daniel McNeary (9 days ago)
no one fucking plays pubg anymore lol
Đạt _ Games (9 days ago)
Vietnams where is vietnams???
Pay- Mantis (9 days ago)
Fortnite the original confirmed
Malyon7 مليون (9 days ago)
I will be very very happy If you subscribe to my channel 😘😘
DeenAssalam (9 days ago)
👏👏👏👏👏You just play and uninstall that game!congratulation.
The Ultron (9 days ago)
16:01 Almost slipped
Clash with Jitul (9 days ago)
Bad very bad
Clash with Jitul (9 days ago)
Boring lol
dragon ball super (9 days ago)
Bastard xd
Josh Reeves (10 days ago)
Help me become a YouTuber bro. I'm a nice guy. Dm me
Hey There (10 days ago)
15:07 that what she said :(
Lionel Lim (10 days ago)
How about you play pubg on mobile it is so easy
gamer animation life (10 days ago)
17:10 he win
Aflam Tv (11 days ago)
what the name of the play please can every one answer me?!
johan cruz (11 days ago)
Am better then him
bkanudo o gladiador (11 days ago)
eu so o unico br
Deven Das (11 days ago)
DU G (11 days ago)
Swedish pussy Ohhhhhhhh yeah
Shahnawaz AbdulRehman (11 days ago)
Can you say Pakistan zindabad and add a thumbnail of pakistan flag in your video please love you from Pakistan
ZIDANE TV (11 days ago)
Kill shroud, pewds
Abdenour Bnz (12 days ago)
never playing this shit again lol goodjoke
Thank you for your translation into Arabic you best youtuber 💖 and I advise you to use M4, Scar or AK because it is the most powerful weapon in the game now and you should use them when you get your level playing because you will face strong opponents
SoHeL. (12 days ago)
September 2018
Ban Raposa (12 days ago)
Pewdiepie eu não sou do usa mas seus vídeos traduzidos me chamou atenção continue assim :)
Ayush Singh Thakur (13 days ago)
Come And Join Treanding Pubg Whatsapp Group:- https://chat.whatsapp.com/5ecLvpzXyzwDrnHua5D3bN
VIDEOGAMES YT (13 days ago)
ITALIAN TITLE OMG, Evviva hai vinto!!
Nicolas Moos (13 days ago)
Youtube movies has more subs
Galaxy Girl (13 days ago)
Título do vídeo em Português??? Hmmmm...
VIDEOGAMES YT (13 days ago)
No italian
fantas grave (13 days ago)
I played pubg and fortnite Pubg Healthy Cute Fortnite Unhealthy Popcorn
mostafa sky (13 days ago)
الي عربي يعمل اشتراك واردها
malik a7a (13 days ago)
hhhhhh fuck man im sowe lughit 😂
Aditya Raj (13 days ago)
because i sea the description in italian ?
Why is this shit without helmet
CANAL Z3R0 (13 days ago)
"Well, then it must be an incredible game. 2 seconds... And the fucking worst game I've ever played"kkk

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